Unique, Classic, & Modern Centerpieces

Happy Sunday! It is an exciting day at the Sutton house; we are celebrating Tristin’s 8th Birthday. We love having friends & family in our home! Something else I love, centerpieces. I love them all; tall and grand to small and dainty. I hope you find something you like and that fits your wedding or party theme! 

Elegant Peach & Cream 

Coffee Beans!! Excellent and unique way to incorporate another color in to  your centerpiece

Dramatic! Great alternative to florals. 

Love the uniqueness! 

Another alternative to just florals. You could alternate lanterns with floral centerpieces. 

Love the simplicity. 

Yellow & Navy…Bright & Cheery! 

Great for a modern stye wedding with neutral colors. 

One of my favorite options; use different size jars grouped together. 

Beautiful beach style 

Love the plank of wood going down the length of the table, GREAT alternative to a table runner! 

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DIY Elegant Winter Centerpieces…

If your having a winter wedding having elegant centerpieces on your reception tables doesn’t have to be expensive. This is something you can do yourself and it will look like a professional made them up!

How to make Iced branches with colorfill diamond vase filler:

1st ~ you’ll need is to determine how many centerpieces you will need and then you can determine how much colorfill to purchase. Colorfill diamond vase filler is fairly inexpensive and runs approximately $2.50 – $3.50 per pound depending on the size package you buy.
2nd ~ you will need to spread out some plastic and pour your colorfill onto it spreading it out evenly. This will allow you to get better coverage on your branch and keep the colorfill from getting all over the floor.
3rd ~ take your branch and spray it with tacky glue that can be purchased at any craft store or home improvement warehouse. Once the branch is covered in tacky glue you are going to lay it down on top of the colorfill then you will need to grab hand fulls of the vase filler and sprinkle them over the top of the branch. Another technique is to gently press the branch onto the colorfill until you get the coverage desired. Repeat this process for all the branches. When the glue dries you will have iced branches ready to place into a vase for the centerpieces of each table.
Some tall glass vases filled with colorfill vase filler to hold the branches in place are ideal and will give you a very elegant look. For additional flare you can add battery operated lights at the bottom of each vase before filling them giving you some added elegance. There is no need to go expensive to get a spectacular look nor do you have to be a professional designer to make it look nice. This is a very simple process and only takes a few minutes to do but your guests will be amazed at the professional look it gives to your wedding reception.
Tip: Paint the branches white for a slightly different and cleaner look.
Materials needed: Colorfill Diamond Vase Filler, Tacky Glue, Plastic Sheets (drop cloths for painting work well), Tree Branches, Tall Vases, Submersible Lights (optional)

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