DIY Wedding Bouquet

I am sure most of you southern girls have seen photos of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s Wedding May of last year. They exchanged their vows in a romantic candle-lit barn at the 125-acre Don Strange Range outside of SanAntonio, TexasMiranda carried a beautiful brooch bouquet by The Ritzy Rose. Some brides can’t spend $100’s on just one bouquet so here is how you can make your own thanks to The Charm Chronicles.  

Materials •    1 Roll of Tulle approx 5-6″ Wide•    Scissors
•    Wire Cutters
•    Needle Nose Pliers
•    22 Gauge Floral Wire
•    Corsage Tape
•    Pearl or Clear Corsage Pins
•    Assortment of Fashion Jewelry or Sentimental Pieces for Decoration
•    8’’ Section of a Foam Pool Noodle

To get started, you will need your jewelry pieces, floral wire and wire cutters. Pull the floral wire through the backs of your baubles or decorative pieces and twist the wire to secure the pieces so they do not slide around. Make sure that each decoration has its own stem -similar to a real flower arrangement.
Continue this process, until you have all your decorative pieces on an individual stem. And if any pieces start to come off, then use some strategically placed pearl tipped corsage pins, which also adds some extra embellishments onto your bouquet!
Last But Not Least

•    2 Yards of Taffeta Ribbon
Once you have completed your stems, now it’s time to bind the stems with floral tape. Bind three to four stems at a time. After the stems are taped together, pull together your bouquet or rearrange as necessary. Once you are happy with your bouquet, you will need something to cover up the stems. Suzanne used an 8’’ foam pool noodle (very creative), which conveniently already has a hole in the center.  She placed the stems into the noodle and then wrapped the foam noodle in ribbon and used some corsage pins to secure the ribbon to the foam noodle. If you do not want to use a pool noodle, you can also wrap the stems in fabric or ribbon of your choice. And then you’re bouquet is finished! Very Beautiful!

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