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So, you’ve decided you to allow kids at your wedding (talking under 10 years old) but not too keen on the idea. Maybe you have children in your wedding party and feel you should invite other kids in your family to keep everyone happy. (note: ALWAYS remember it’s your wedding and you’re not here to make others happy but I know there has be some balance in the end.) Whatever the case may be it’s an excellent idea to put someone in charge of the kids during the reception. A “Kid Activities Coordinator” — this could be a friend of a friend or a professional. Regardless, it’s a very smart decision. You will also need to designate a spot for all the kids — kids table + play area. If you already have a rustic look going cover their table with craft paper and let them go to town coloring. Provide fun games, dinosaurs for the boys, tiaras for the girls, books, anything to keep them occupied. This will hopefully keep them from running around everywhere but still letting them have fun in their own area. Face it kids will be kids no matter where they are. So make it fun for them too! This will allow their parents to have a little more freedom as well. It’s a win, win if you ask me! In the end they might even make the night more fun.

photos by: The Happy Bloom

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